Hugh Griffith Jr. around 1934 with the reigns on the horse with brother Dick on a Griffith Family farm probably in East Windsor New York.  The dog (unknown) is also unafraid of the horse nearly stepping on him. Also there is a white cat, unidentified, by the flowers in front of the horse.


There are about 100 chickens in this picture, which is a farm believed to be in Broome County in the Township of Colesville just north of the East Windsor church

uncle on farm    hugh on the farm

Left: An unknown relative beside his pre-automobile buggy and his horse on the farm, again probably in Broome County in Colesville township. The picture is from Elizbeth Griffiths personal album, and identified only by the word 'uncle'. However, this man is too old for Uncle John. RIGHT: Hugh Griffith Senior at his Ranch in the 1926-1932 time frame. Though overexposed, it seemed to me to give a fair impression of  what it felt like to support a family on the farm.