The Jones Family of Mount Vernon New York 1880-1936

owen jones mary jones
Owen and Mary Emily Jones around 1932

Owen Jones came to Mount Vernon New York from North Wales around 1880. He was a carpenter by trade, and found much work in the new suburb of New York. He became a 33rd degree Mason at the Hiawatha Lodge 434, and died in 1936. His Wife, Mary Emily Jones Nee Roberts, who was also from North Wales, had a brother who was a Headmaster in England, and a sister in Africa. He had 11 children that lived to adulthood, and most were successful. These are a few pictures of the family. The Jones family genealogy is HERE.

llewellyn                                    clifton

Left: Llewellyn Jones, b. July 1890 in his New York Fire Department uniform c. 1910 on a post card RIGHT; Clifton Jones, Blodwen's son. The back of the card says, "Here is Clifton, He's a ruffian!" Blodwen (b. Jan 9 1900) was a daughter of Owen and Mary Emily Jones and born in New York. The picture is taken about 1930 on the steps of the house in Mount Vernon New York where the Jones family lived from approximately 1880 to 1936.
                                        evelyn blodwen gwenboy
Left: Gwendolyn (baby) Evelyn, holding her, and Blodwen in the background. Right: Boy with horse on wheels, perhaps made by Owen Jones, a carpenter. The age of the photo and the boy suggests this boy might be John Clifton Jones, the youngest of the Jones children, born December 9, 1911

jones girl harp        eliz and sister with rabbits        jones men

ABOVE LEFT One of the Jones girls with a harp on the lawn of their Mt. Vernon home  c. 1915-1925
ABOVE CENTER Elizabeth Jones and sister holding bunnies c. 1908 in Mt Vernon
ABOVE RIGHT: Henry Sperling(married to a Jones), George Jones, 2nd from the bottom, and two Jones sons. Could be the elder Jones sitting above, and the girl is unidentified. They are sitting on the porch of their Mt. Vernon home.