Below is a picture from the Griffith/Jones family collection that is unidentified. The room is a hotel lobby around the turn of the last century. The card on the hotel desk cant quite be read, but it looks like a heart with a crown and letters on it. This may be a mason's meeting, since both the Griffiths and the Jones were in the Mason's at one time, and Owen Jones was a 33rd degree mason. In any case, it would be nice to know who some of these people are, especially since some of them look vaguely familiar. The location is likely New York, and there are 10 cent cigar ads on the back wall behind the desk from Peter Stuyvestant, Napoleon, and another brand that looks like 'stannaro'. There is a bird cage hanging to the below left of the clock. Enhancing the photo has not helped, though a magnifying glass reveals some details.

mystery hotel