A Collection of Welsh Literature
This is an incomplete list. There are hundreds of books on Welsh topics from 1787 to today in my collection, I will be updating this page time permitting.
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Hymns and Tunes For Praise and Worship Welsh and English by Rev. E.T. Griffith published by Sower, Potts &Co in Philadelphia, 1884

An Elementary Welsh Grammar by John Morris-Jones

The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales

The Dictionary of Welsh Biography

Famous Welsh Battles by Phillip Warner

The Welsh Wars of  Edward The First by John E. Morris

The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in English

The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in Welsh

The Slate Industry by Mervyn Williams

Vermont in the World War..Listing of causalties and battles fought by vermonters in WWI

Shipwrecks of North Wales by Ivor Wynne Jones

WALES by Owen M Edwards

Welsh Milita and Volunteer Corps Angelsey and Caernarfonshire by Bryn Owen

OWEN GLENDOWER by Arthur Granville Bradley

Carreg Cennen Castle by CADW

Caerphilly Castle by CADW

Insight Guide to Wales

A Diocesan History of St. Asaph

Castles and Historic Places in Wales by the Wales Tourist Board

The Triads of Britain compiled by Iolo Morganwg

OWEN REES novel by Eleazar Roberts

The Royal Blue Book. Prize Productions of the Pittsburg Eisteddfod in 1916    464 pp

Taith Y Pererin by John Bunyan  19th century with Illustrations by Dalziel

The Songs of Wales Royal Edition ed by Brinley Richards 1884 edition

The Welsh Revival by Thomas Phillips

The Earliest Welsh Poetry by Joseph Clancy

Medieval Welsh Lyrics by Joseph Clancy

A History of Welsh Literature by Thomas Parry trans H Idris Bell

Gerald of Wales The Journey Through Wales/Description of Wales Penguin Classics

Medieval Welsh Society Essays by T. Jones Pierce

The New Testament English and Welsh side by side 1864 edition by the American Bible Society/New York

Welshmen as Factors (in the development of the US)-Prize winning essay at the International Eisteddfod Chicago 1893

Welsh National Music and Dance by W.S. Gwynn Williams

Brave His Soul The story of Prince Madog of Wales and the Discovery of America by Ellen Pugh

Translations from the Welsh by Francis Edwards signed by the translator and dedicated to his wife in a private printing

Wales: An Archaelogical Guide..Prehistoric roman and early medieval field monuments by christopher houlder

Guide to the collection of Welsh Bygones by Iowerth C Peate.. National museum of Wales 1929

EDWARD I by Michael Prestwich

Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd by Richard Avent

A History of Wales by John Davies

The Celtic Saints by Nigel Pennick

The Age of Arthur by John Morris

The Welsh People by John Rhys and David Brynmor-Jones

How Green was my Valley by Richard Llewellyn;Down where the moon is small;

The Nature of poetry as conceived by the Welsh Bards by H I. Bell

Dafydd Ap Gwilym by Rachel Bromwich

Llechwedd Slate Caverns by Ivor Wynne Jones

The Works of Wilfred Owen

Thomas Edward Ellis COFIANT Cyfrol II

Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the kings of britain Penguin

Geoffrey of Monmouth, A Journey through Wales Penguin

The Mabinogion trans by Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones

Llawlyfr ar Feddyleg gan D.G. Williams; wrecsam

ARWEINYDD DIOGEL I Uffern Yn cynwys Anuerchion I Wahanol Bersonau GAN BEELZEBUB; Cyfieithedig O Hen Lyfr Seisnig Gan E Griffiths, Abertawy 1853 from the library of John Jones,  (Hamermawr?) near swansea

Studies in the First Epistle of Peter by Cynddylan Jones,  Vol I 1900

Welsh Poetry by H I Bell

Traditions in the Panegyric in Welsh poetry by Matonis, essay from SPECULUM

TEGLA by Huw Ethall

Life in a Medieval Castle by Gies

Beyond Belief by Emlyn Williams

The New Testament, Welsh and English, modern translation

Life and Poems of Dafydd Ab Gwilym by Evelyn Lewes 1914

A Celtic Miscellany Penguin books

Vernon Watkins and the Bardic Tradition

Testament Newydd, no date

Welsh Poetry Old and New in English Verse by Alfred Perceval Graves

Knightly Legends of Wales Editedby Sidney Lanier

The Welsh Pulpit of Today by J Cynddylan Jones 1885

Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan Sef Yr Hen Destament A'r Newydd Lundain 1857

Presenting Welsh Poetry by Gwyn Williams

Album, Williams, Pantycelyn; pub 1890 Dowlais

British Goblins by Sikes 1880 edition

Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales (2 vol)

The Mask of Merlin, biography of David Lloyd George

Y Dwyfol Oraclau gan Morris Williams, pub at Caergybi  1841

Cymru A'i Phobl - wales and its people- the Cymry of '76 published in Utica New York 1894..essays in welsh and english by J.E. Lloyd; John.Morris jones;O.M Edwards and others

Dr. Parry's Congregational Anthem Book in Two Parts pub by J.Parry and son in Swansea

Rhodd Mam diweddar John Parry

Rhodd Tad i'w Blant sef Yr Ail Gatecism I Bobl Ieuainc

Caniedydd yr ysgol sul...Yr Emynau...Llundain 1901

Wild Wales, By George Borrow Collins Tourist edition

Brut Y Tywysogyon or The Chronicle of the Princes Red Book of Hergest Version critical text and translation by Thomas Jones

Hyfforddwr yn egwyddorion y Grefydd Gristionogol gan THOMAS EDWARDS

The Episcopal Registers of St. Davids 3 Vol; years with both Original Latin and translations from the Abbots 1397 - 1518  Soc of the Cymrodorion pub 1917

Kemble's Saxons in England 2 Vol 1849

The History of the Ancient British Church by Newell 1895

Traethawd ar y CYFLWR PRIODASOL YN III RHAN...Natur Y Berthynas gan Roger Owen Aberystwyth 1813

DUCTOR NUPTIARUM neu GYFARWYDDWR PRIODAS Gan William Williams Aberystwyth 1810

RHITH A GRYM Duwioldeb Bwy bregeth gan Thomas Powel Dinbych, argraffyd gan Thomas Gee 1811

HYSPYSIAD, ......HANES LLWYDDIANT YR EFENGYL yn mhlith y PAGANIAID yn AMERICA AFFRICA AC ASIA, gan Thomas Gee, Dinbych, early 1800s


DWY GERDD y gyntaf yn ateb i wr boneddig......Mawl I dduw ar oen....BARCH. Wiliam Wiliams Pantycelyn ABERTAWY ARGRAFFWYD GAN JOHN WILIAMS 8 HEOL FAWR 1829 pris dwy ceiniog.

MARWNAD a ysgrifenwyd mewn mynwent yn y wlad ...o saesneg Gray..early 1800s

VOL I of the Encyclopaedia Cambrensis  Parch John Parry Dinbych 1862