Richard Griffith

Art Photographer

Richard Griffith has an M.A. In Ancient and Medieval History from Western Michigan University where he studied and taught Medieval Culture at the Medieval Institute. His interests in European History brought him and his wife Kimberly to take many trips to both Northern and Southern Italy where he studied with artists living there with the intention of producing photographic replicas of some of their work, and to take pictures of locations with a rich and long history that have been sketched and written about by travel writers for generations. His wife Kimberly, a travel agent, made the trips possible and a was great joy as well.

Richard also grew up in Northern Michigan and has made trips to Canada and the Upper Peninsula where he took pictures of Nature which is ever close to his heart. A boat trip to Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior produced some fine prints, as did several trips to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron. There are no cars allowed on the Island, where the Grand Hotel sits overlooking Lake Huron, and the Hotel was featured in the movie Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve. A Victorian Landscape is preserved, with flowers and a butterfly museum sitting nicely in the straights of Mackinaw, which has numerous lighthouses dotting the shores.

Bridge of Sighs Venice

Richard and Kimberly at the Bridge of Sighs in Venice